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Going to hospitals/clinics? Here is the process.


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Frequently Asked Questions (General)

(For members with employee health benefits)

What hours do Ulink Myanmar’s customer service team operate?


  • Request for LOG and emergency/medical assistance: 24/7/365
  • General and claims-related enquiries: business hours (9am to 6pm/ Monday-Friday)
Response to call queries:
  • Simple queries: <4 business hours
  • Complex queries: < 2 business days
Response to email queries: within 24 - 48 business hours of receipt

·What is panel hospital vs non-panel hospital?

  • Ulink Myanmar can issue a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) to a panel clinic/hospital. With a LOG, members do not have to pay the clinic/hospital if members’ treatment is coverable under members’ insurance or employee benefits policy. Instead, the clinic/hospital will invoice Ulink directly for members’ medical charges. However, members will have to pay the clinic/hospital if there is an excess, deductible or co-payment required.
  • oUlink Myanmar will not issue a LOG to a clinic/hospital that is not in the panel. If members prefer to visit a non-panel clinic/hospital, please pay the clinic’s invoice before submitting a claim for the medical charges. Ulink shall process a reimbursement for coverable charges under members’ insurance policy.

Where can I find a list of Ulink’s panel clinic/hospitals?

oPlease check with your HR department or check the Download Centre on the relevant page at

How can I request an LOG to visit a panel clinic/hospital?

  • If time to appointment is <24hrs, LOG will be issue 3 to 5 hours of request. If time to appointment is >24hr, it will be issue on next business day following request. For emergencies, LOG will be issued 1 to 3 hours from call to the hotline number. In case LOG issuance is above preauthorized limit, time to issue LOG would be subject to NOC approval from the employer/insurer.
  • Members should arrange their own medical appointments and please email required info to Ulink at email stated in your insurance card or the member can request LOG via member portal The required information includes your name, IC No or DOB, policy number, company name, appointment date, hospital name and treating doctor name and purpose of visit or diagnosis.
  • Ulink will verify your details and send the LOG to the clinic and yourself upon confirmation. Member must bring along LOG (either softcopy or hard copy), membership card and photo ID/passport.
    • If members require referral to another specialist or need further investigation/ procedure, please contact Ulink to issue supersede LOG.

How long is an LOG valid for?

LOG is valid for 1 week from the date of issue. For any change of diagnosis, treating doctor or appointment needs to be rescheduled, please email Ulink to issue a revised LOG.

Can I visit a clinic/hospital without requesting for an LOG?

  • Only applicable to Group 1 of medical providers for outpatient visit
  • Members will need to present a Ulink membership card (accessed via member portal) and employee ID card with photo when they visit Group 1 clinic or hospital.
  • Members are to inform the medical providers to invoice medical charges to Ulink.

When do I need to pay and claim?

If members prefer to visit a non-panel clinic/hospital, please pay the clinic’s invoice before submitting a claim for the medical charges. Ulink shall process a reimbursement for coverable charges under members’ insurance or employee benefits policy.

How can I submit a claim?

  • Please complete the claims form and email it or upload to the member portal together with receipts/invoices, medical certificates, lab test results and all other medical reports (issued in English by the attending doctor/hospital) to Ulink Assist within 90 days of the visit to clinic/hospital, otherwise claims may be declined.
  • The invoices should include summary as well as detailed breakdown fees.
  • Reimbursement of eligible claims will be made directly to the insured member’s account (KBZ / MAB only) by wire transfer/cheque.
  • For claim submission, please use the email subject in below format:
  • Name _ Policy number _ Date” (E.g. “AyeAye_00000TML00_10Dec2018”)

Can I check in advance if my treatment will be coverable?

  • Before visiting a clinic or hospital, you may send the following information to the Ulink email address stated on your membership card: Name, NRIC no., policy number, the purpose of the visit, what surgery or procedure is being planned (if applicable).
  • Ulink will respond within 48 hours with more information on whether members’ treatment is coverable under current policy.
  • For more urgent enquiries, please call Ulink hotline.

How long will it take for my claim to be reimbursed to me?

  • For out-patient & in-patient claims, your claim will normally be reimbursed up to the approved amount within 14 – 21 working days
  • Please note that this TAT is calculated from the receipt of full set of documents to payment made to member.

How to can I check the status of my claim?

Please email to the email address stated in your insurance card and we will get back to you within 3-5 working days or you can check at the member portal:

Why is my claim rejected?

Ulink Assist assesses claims and requests for LOG based on members’ treatment and policy coverage. Claim rejection can be reviewed on an exceptional basis.

What if I have issues with my member portal access or membership card?

For any issue with your member portal access or membership card, please contact your company HR or contact directly to Ulink hotline.

Important terms and conditions for LOGs

  • Direct billing/cashless treatment is only available if a membership card and/or photo ID is presented by the member.
  • Failure to provide or provision of incomplete medical information and documents may result in the delay issuance or LOG as well as a rescheduling of elective admission
  • Authorization and/or issuance of LOG does not guarantee benefits or coverability, and all claims shall be assessed by the relevant claim department for their validity.
  • Ulink Assist Co Ltd reserves the right to reject or withdraw any LOG if the final diagnosis is related to a policy exclusion.
  • Hospitals have the discretion to request additional payments as required by their internal practices even with the presentation of the LOG.
  • The insured member or policy owner agrees to pay any excess amount and uncovered medical expenses (if any) to clinics/hospitals or Ulink Assist Co Ltd within 15 calendar days from the date of request. The actual covered amount is subject to the information provided in the pre-authorization form, actual diagnosis, eligible policy benefit, exclusion clause, terms, and conditions stated in the policy document.
  • For after hours and public holidays – In case the member does not have preauthorized LOG and the hospital cannot accept immediate LOG at that time, member has the option to do reimbursement.


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