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International Medical &

Ulink Assist Myanmar has been appointed by Myanma Insurance to help you, the policyholder, to submit a claim for your approved medical expenses incurred while travelling overseas or to request for a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for your approved medical treatment while travelling.


Submit a Claim

For Medical Expenses Incurred Overseas

  1. Enter a "Submit Claim"

  2. Fill Email address and get OTP

  3. Fill in claim form and provide supporting documents

  4. After successful submission, receive a claim reference number via email


Check Submitted Claim Status

  1. Enter a "Check Claim Status"

  2. Under claim tracking number, fill in the claim reference number received via email upon submission


Request Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

For Medical Treatment while traveling

  1. Enter a "Request LOG"

  2. Fill in the LOG form and provide the supporting documents

  3. After successful submission, will receive the initial LOG via email


Emergency Air Evacuation

 အရေးပေါ်လေယာဉ်ဖြင့် ဆေးရုံသို့ပို့ဆောင်ပေးခြင်း

Call: +95 9 773888811

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